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OzPod 2016 review: 5 thoughts on Australia’s first podcast conference

I started listening to podcasts in 2012 and the ones I’ve listened to most are all American. They include Stuff You Should Know, 99% Invisible and Death, Sex & Money. For the longest time, I didn’t know any Australians who … Continue reading

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Lessons from producing my first audio story for podcast

They say that embarrassment over past work is a sign you’ve developed. Tick. I always had to start somewhere though and I learned so, so much from making my first story for audio. Continue reading

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Language goals for 2016 + multiple podcast references

“Your ego isn’t really that interested in what’s really inside of you. Your ego is very much interested in presenting an idealised version of yourself to the world and vulnerability only cracks through that by accident – unintentionally. When your … Continue reading

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Jane Fonda and Sir Ian McKellen (both 76) on what makes them tick

Having grown up without the constant presence of my grandparents, I feel I’ve missed out on a number of life lessons. As I start making inroads into adult life I find myself wondering where I might end up one day. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a long week + a podcast recommendation

I’m developing a bit of a reputation of being a know-it-all at work. What is the difference between written Cantonese and Mandarin? Where is Ciudad Juárez? What does the word ‘toffee’ have to do with football? These are apparently questions … Continue reading

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Balancing personal projects with full-time work

Since leaving uni and entering full-time work, I’ve definitely gained more respect for the inherent scarcity of time: You might (for the large part) have the power to decide what job to take, who you see on your weekends, how much you want to save and spend, but there’s only so much you can do in a day, a finite number of people you can be. Continue reading

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