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I'm interested in language and identity, which is why I created Tim Spricht. My last name happens to start with 'S', too. I run this space on the belief that, in a globalised world, it is has only become more important and interesting to learn how to cross borders.

The Abandoned Gay Sauna (Photoblog)

“Explorers are aware that, every time they crack a new location, they become one of the ingredients of the mixture of the place, melding themselves into its fabric and capturing transitional moments within it. Explorers are prepared to care for … Continue reading

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Walking Dorks II: Springwood Station to Martins Falls Loop (Lower Blue Mountains)

We spotted some Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots, got up close to a few busy lyrebirds and ran into every tourist in Australia’s worst nightmare: this little guy is a Red-Bellied Black Snake! Continue reading

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Walking Dorks: Perrys Lookdown to Govetts Leap (Blue Mountains)

October this year was a pretty good time for me. I was still unemployed and, it goes without saying, I tried my best to enjoy the resplendent Sydney spring weather to its fullest. It was warm (but not overly so) … Continue reading

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Hidden in Rookwood (Photoblog)

“Rookwood is the oldest, largest and most multicultural cemetery in Australia, and Hidden invites the public to experience the historic and cultural significance of this iconic site… [it’s] an outdoor sculptural exhibition that steps outside the notion of mainstream galleries and … Continue reading

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The Abandoned Cokeworks (Photoblog)

“In exploring the ruins of a failed past… explorers don’t just experience the surreal collapse of time and space that exist within the ruin – they remind themselves that everything is transience, that anything we think we can hold on to is an illusion.” – Bradley L. Garrett, Explore Everything: Place-Hacking The City From Tunnels To Skyscrapers Continue reading

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Young dogs, old dogs (Photoblog)

Dogs are hard to capture on film! And I’m still figuring out what works. However, I’m really proud of the last shot here. The framing, the lighting, the contrast in the colours. Continue reading

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