I’m passionate about languages and identity, which is why I created Tim Spricht – my last name happens to start with ‘S’, too. Lots of people say they want to learn languages but don’t know how to; school and university classes aren’t much help either. This blog started as a place to share how I taught myself Spanish in my spare time (largely for free).

These days, Tim Spricht is less focused on language learning as I’ve developed a more confident and personal tone. I write about more personal stuff like nostalgiamy travels and my photography. I also cover the world of podcasts, get a bit political at times, and review interviews with inspiring people.

* * *

I majored in Germanic Studies and International Relations at Sydney University, where I was once president of the Spanish & Latin American Society (SUSLAS). I’ve studied abroad in Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Beijing, and traveled extensively in Mexico and Guatemala.

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Last updated: 29.10.2016

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