The Abandoned Gay Sauna (Photoblog)

“Explorers are aware that, every time they crack a new location, they become one of the ingredients of the mixture of the place, melding themselves into its fabric and capturing transitional moments within it. Explorers are prepared to care for historic sites but also to let them disappear.” – Bradley L. GarrettExplore Everything: Place-Hacking The City From Tunnels To Skyscrapers

A friend of mine who’s affiliated with a local urban exploration crew is currently studying overseas. That didn’t stop him from connecting me with one of his urbex-enthusing friends remotely to check out this abandoned gay sauna in Sydney. We visited the neglected hall of pleasure on Halloween – what better day? The place has kept many of its old furnishings and it easy to let the imagination run wild and concoct stories of the devilish delights the men of yesteryear must have indulged in here.


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I'm interested in language and identity, which is why I created Tim Spricht. My last name happens to start with 'S', too. I run this space on the belief that, in a globalised world, it is has only become more important and interesting to learn how to cross borders.
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