The Abandoned Cokeworks (Photoblog)

“In exploring the ruins of a failed past… explorers don’t just experience the surreal collapse of time and space that exist within the ruin – they remind themselves that everything is transience, that anything we think we can hold on to is an illusion.” – Bradley L. GarrettExplore Everything: Place-Hacking The City From Tunnels To Skyscrapers


All photos were shot on 35mm film, using my little Ricoh camera. Check out Lucky35, a vintage film camera exchange based in Sydney.

About Tim Spricht

I'm interested in language and identity, which is why I created Tim Spricht. My last name happens to start with 'S', too. I run this space on the belief that, in a globalised world, it is has only become more important and interesting to learn how to cross borders.
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